Mathematical Flexibility: A Promising Focus for Research and Practice

Im F+E-Kolloquium hält Prof. Dr. Jon R. Star von der Harvard Graduate School of Education (USA) ein Referat zum Thema «Mathematical Flexibility: A Promising Focus for Research and Practice». Das F+E-Kolloquium wird in Englisch abgehalten und gestreamt. 

Dienstag, 30. April 2024, 17.15 Uhr bis 18.45 Uhr
Uni/PH-Gebäude (UP)
Hörsaal 6


Mathematical flexibility is increasingly recognized as an important construct of interest for both researchers and practitioners in mathematics education. Flexibility can be characterized as a learner’s willingness to change strategies based on particular problem-solving conditions or goals. In this talk, I begin by providing an introduction to flexibility. I then explore different ways that flexibility has been assessed in the research literature, highlighting successes and challenges in the various forms of assessment. I then present recent empirical results on flexibility, and I conclude by suggesting some promising areas for future research on flexibility.




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