Schools as a Venue of Enculturation in India

Dr. Shabana Bano und Dr. Rajnish Chandra Tripathi aus Varanasi, einer Stadt im Bundesstaat Uttar Pradesch, geben uns einen Einblick in ihre Arbeit in Indien. 

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023, 12.15 Uhr bis 13.15 Uhr
Sentimatt (SE)
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Schools as a Venue of Enculturation in India

A series of studies investigates the possibility that attending a religious or a secular school has consequences for Hindu and Muslim participants’ religious/cultural identity, out-group contact, acculturation strategies and mutual perception. Religious Hindu schools, religious Muslim schools, and secular schools of Varanasi in India are compared. Subsequent studies focus on religious othering and mutual relations in the diverse cultural context of India. Participants were drawn from three cities which differed in terms of their cultural and demographic histories. One of these was a primarily Hindu City Varanasi, second, a cosmopolitan town Mumbai, and third largely some Muslim towns (Srinagar) of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The contexts differ widely with respect to pattern of relationships that drive interactions of Hindus and Muslims in these cities. The findings are discussed in terms of the cultural and religious features of people’s life by analysing the role of secular and religious schooling.

  • Dr. Shabana Bano, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Indigenous Sports and Games in India

Indian native games, such the spinning top, green glass marbles, and five pebbles, offer a rustic, indigenous flavour to their gameplay. These games' playing strategies largely reflect the geographical, local, and cultural peculiarities of their environment. The games frequently evolve into much more than just pass the time. They develop into a way of creating groups, attitudes, strategies, and a greater comprehension of the real fundamental principles of sports and games, as well as positive psychological and social growth in individuals. It is interesting to note that this type of game has its own special characteristics and effects on cognitive development, spatial awareness, reasoning, and presence of mind. The appeal of these local games resides in their accessibility and affordability.

  • Dr. Rajnish Chandra Tripathi, Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education, Government Girls Degree College, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidhyapeeth, Varanasi, India

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