Story Oasis

In the Story Oasis, children with refugee background between six and twelve years of age can immerse themselves in stories once a week for one and a half hours and find peace in a relaxed atmosphere. The offer is free of charge. It is a cooperation project between the State Schools in the city of Lucerne and the University of Teacher Education Lucerne.


The Story Oasis offers children with a refugee background space, time, and support to engage with stories and find peace in a safe setting. It aims to support children in talking about their experiences and looking confidently into the future. In addition, the Story Oasis wants to help children develop a love of reading, learn German and feel that they are not left alone with their experiences.

Target group

Children with a refugee background between the ages of six and twelve. There will be maximum 12 children in each group.


Each group is supervised by three people, at least one of whom is a trained teacher, the others are students of the University of Teacher Education Lucerne. All supervisors receive a special training for this project.


We will equip the room with tents, hanging chairs, cushions, and rugs to offer retreat possibilities for individual children and smaller groups. Location: Prostir 


The groups meet once a week for one and a half hours either on Wednesday afternoons or on Saturdays. The project will start after the 2023 autumn holidays

Registration form

For questions or further information, please, contact: Cynthia Helfenstein, 041 203 01 84,

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Assistentin IDB
Cynthia Helfenstein
Sentimatt 1
6003 Luzern