Learning for Sustainability through Philosophy with Children

Im F+E-Kolloquium hält Prof. Dr. Claire Cassidy von der University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK) ein Referat zum Thema «Learning for Sustainability through Philosophy with Children». Im Referat diskutiert sie die Rolle des Philosophierens mit Kindern im Zusammenhang mit Nachhaltigkeit. 

Dienstag, 7. März 2023, 17.15 Uhr bis 18.45 Uhr
Uni/PH-Gebäude (UP)
Hörsaal 6

In this presentation, I will situate Learning for Sustainability within the context of the Scottish curriculum and the Professional Standards that teachers must meet. This will set the scene for a discussion about the ways in which an approach such as Philosophy with Children (PwC) might support children to learn, and teachers to teach, for sustainability. This will involve reflecting on issues related to dealing with uncertainty, living together, tolerance, self-regulation, citizenship, and deliberative participation. During the talk, I will draw on my empirical and theoretical research on PwC to illustrate how this might work, and to highlight some of the challenges we might face in this endeavour. It is hoped that the discussion following the presentation will provide opportunity to share practice that might transfer between our two context.

Das F+E-Kolloquium wird in Englisch abgehalten.


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