International Office: Visiting Staff

The International Office is in charge of mobility programmes and facilitates exchanges for students, lecturers and research staff from Switzerland, Europe and overseas, as well as developing countries. The programmes also include study trips and joint research projects.

Lecturer exchanges

UTE Lucerne promotes academic visitor programmes and endeavours to increase the number of exchange activities. Lecturers from partner universities are most welcome to arrange a research visit or academic stay at UTE Lucerne.

UTE Lucerne lecturers have the opportunity, through the Swiss Solution to Erasmus+, to receive funding for a teaching activity at one of our European partner universities.

A teaching assignment may range from a minimum of two days to a maximum of 60 days (excluding travel time). A minimum of eight teaching hours must be given in order to qualify for a subsidy.

Staff mobility

The staff mobility for training (STT) is designed to offer further education to all university staff (lecturers, scientific assistants and administrative staff).

A visit should last a minimum of two days, but not more than 60 days (excluding travel time). STT visits may be completed at a university or enterprise in Europe.

Shorter visits, attendance of conferences or workshops, and exchange with non-partner universities do not qualify for Swiss Solution to Erasmus+ funding. The UTE Lucerne International Office, however, may be able review and support such activities on a case-by-case basis.

UTE Lucerne staff and lecturers are invited to contact the International Office of UTE Lucerne for more information.

Guest lecturers and staff from our partner universities are requested to first contact their home International Offices for application forms and subsidies, who will then liaise with the UTE Lucerne International Office.


Responsible for Incoming Staff
Mirjam Wallimann
Pfistergasse 20
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